The stories behind the Paulmara Estate wine brands are honest and personal which makes them easy to identify with. By matching the visuals with the brand stories, the wines become memorable and emotionally appealing. The Syna label is illustrated with a sculpture the couple discovered together on their honeymoon and the brand name means ‘together, the companionship of two minds and hearts’ in Greek. Later, inspired by the winemaker's four children and the winemaker's love of cycling, The Mêlée, is illustrated with a colourful painting depicting an agitated scramble (true to its French meaning). In keeping with the brand story, the wine is a layered blend of four varietals: Grenache, Nero D’Avola, Shiraz and Malbec, all fighting for dominance (much like their children). Typography, label shape and heavy, uncoated paper were selected to showcase the illustrations and complement the luxury of the heavy, French bottles. 

scope | brand strategy and wine label design