As a branding and design consultancy, our purpose at CoLLECT is to create better lives…

Through our strategic, human-centred design solutions, we do this for our clients, their teams, their market and their communities. We are firm believers that understanding your why is important to connecting with your target market, but even more critical is having clarity on who you need your brand story to connect with in order to improve your market engagement to increase sales.

Working with us

Design without a purpose and strategy is just decoration, and as problem solvers with exceptionally high empathy, we use our Brand Discovery Workshops with empathy and client journey mapping to establish the correct approach to deliver what our client really needs for the growth of their business. Many of these solutions may not be design-related, but every solution is human-centred. Our strategic design solutions are then conceptualised and created to align with this process.

Our Design Thinking approach combined with intuition and creativity is how we deliver a whole of business pathway to the elevation of your brand perception from both and internal and external perspective, which can be really powerful.

Providing some clarity

It's important to understand that your brand is not something tangible… it’s a feeling. It’s what people say about you and your business when you’re not in the room. We describe branding as everything that people come into contact with from a sensory point of view. When developing a new brand strategy, we don’t only consider the user experience from the outside, but from the inside too.

Giving as many voices as possible within an organisation the opportunity to be heard goes a long way towards ensuring buy in when a new brand identity, purpose, vision and mission is revealed, and we can help you with that. The long-term effect of approaching brand strategy in this way is improved corporate culture, trust and a consistent, positive client experience, which can only mean good things for your bottom line.

For this reason, CoLLECT is on a mission to encourage leaders to put people and brand at the heart of their business and at the core of their strategy, so that they too can create better lives. All of our branding and design projects are carried out with this purpose in mind.

The people behind our brand

Our Creative Director and Brand Architect, Nina Chalmers has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters degree in Journalism. She loves licorice, beautiful wines and would have a dozen dachshunds if she could, but two are fine for now. She started her career as an illustrator and packaging designer before making her mark in the world of media, graphic journalism. It is here that she learnt the value of images and words to engage the target market.

Over the past ten years as the creative lead at CoLLECT, she's combined her passion for people, illustration, storytelling, writing and beautiful wine. She's finely honed her unique sense of intuition and empathy, which is essential for effective design strategy and brand story development that truly ressonates with our clients and their target markets.

"I love listening to our clients' stories and prefer to collaborate with them rather than dictate to them. I know they're not there to hear how clever I am. They are there to be heard, and my role is to ask the the right questions to fully understand what drives and inspires them".

That's how our dynamic team of creatives and and design thinkers help our clients to discover their purpose, reconnect with their team and tell their brand story by visually communicating it to their target market in a way that elevates the perception of their brand and improves their business performance.

We look forward to getting to know more about you.