Located on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Susie Wong is a modern Asian restaurant with a warm, relaxed mood and very beautiful, creative food. For the identity, we created a rustic yet modern vibe through the combination of clean, contemporary typography framed with hand-drawn lines. This is accompanied by a rough caricature of Susie herself, created years ago by a friend of the owner. Imagery for the identity features the Empress Dowager Cixi – a concubine who became China’s last Empress. While the brand's 'tone of voice' is cheeky and fun, the menu descriptions leave little doubt about the quality of the food. The combination of humour in the written language and elegance of the imagery perfectly sums up the personality of the brand and the people behind it. This is carried through consistently in the design of their menus, take-away packaging, signage, posters and website.

scope | brand strategy, identity design, stationery, packaging, signage, website