Collaborations that create better lives inspire us the most, so when Red Centre Enterprises approached us to develop the Elders series of wine labels with them, we felt honoured. The vision behind the project for Yuandamarra and his partner Nadia, was for the premium wines to create another platform to share the narratives of Australia’s First Nations people. It was also an opportunity to honour the Elders as the custodians of cultural knowledge, and the critical role they play in keeping their history alive through storytelling.

The ultimate aim of the Red Centre Enterprises range of products is for profits to go towards funding educational projects in First Nations communities. Our brand solution interprets the clients’ vision by incorporating a hand-drawn illustration that captures the personality and essence of the subject. Each portrait in the series will create chapters to form a narrative that communicates the Elders’ connection to Country. This label honours Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch, a Narrunga Kuarna Elder.

Working closely with Label Partners, we selected an uncoated paper stock inspired by traditional watercolour paper. Embellishments of hibuild screen on the patterned markings, and copper foil were incorporated to add further tactile and visual appeal. The collaboration has also provided a great deal of learning for us. From the nuances in the shape and style of patterns created by artists from different regions, to the rare vibrancy of purple ochre rocks and the delicate sensory balance of native herbs and spices. Every meeting with the client is a spiritual adventure.

scope | brand strategy, wine label and packaging design